Super Seminar 2013

Powerhouse Ways to Out-Think,
Out-Perform, Out-Sell, Out-Market, and
Out-Earn the Competition


"Real Business Growth Strategies and Tactics for Real Businesses"

Jay Abraham
LAX Marriot in Los Angeles

Executive Attendee 3-Day Sessions:
Friday June 21st - Sunday June 23rd …... 9am - 6pm

Special Business Growth Hot-Seat Session:
Monday June 24th ……. Starts at 10am

Jay Abraham is best known as the $9 Billion Dollar Man -- for profits he has helped generate for his clients and students. He has (arguably) helped more business owners, in more industries, in more countries, make more money, and sell more of their products and services in more powerful/profitable ways than perhaps any other marketing expert or strategic growth advisor in the entrepreneurial space.

This is not hyperbole. Success magazine said he’s "probably the greatest marketing mind alive today" Forbes listed him as one of the top 5 executive coaches in the country, saying that his specialty is, "Turning corporate under performers into Marketing and Sales whizzes". They also called him "the real thing." Investor’s Business Daily said "He knows how to get the maximum results from minimum effort"

The late Stephen Covey called Jay "one of the greatest marketing minds I’ve ever known." And Daymond John of ABC’s Shark Tank regularly refers to Jay as his mentor - watch this video at the 5:00 minute mark.

See what Tony Robbins had to say about Jay here.

Be it marketing, strategy, joint ventures, strategic alliances, business models, new revenue sources, profit centers, competitive-edge thinking… Jay has worked with high performing entrepreneurs in 465 industries, which gives him an enormous breadth and depth of understanding of ALL that’s possible.

Hear what Jay had to say when recently asked about the event…

Super Seminar 2013 - Preview Trailer

On June 21, when Jay takes the stage for his first US high-level seminar in 5 years, he’s going to present his latest thinking, newest methodologies, and arguably the best material he has ever presented.

He’s offering just 75 places because he wants only the highest quality CEO and entrepreneurial attendees collaborating and networking. A number of business owners and entrepreneurs from around the world have already signed up and booked their flights.

If you have ever been to one of his “Limited attendance encounters” in the past, then you know what’s in store.

If you haven’t, Jay challenges you to think about your business differently by first stretching your mind, and then filling it with so many possibilities that you feel somewhat haunted and eagerly compelled to take action after the event. His highest compliment is NOT to be your intellectual entertainment, but rather to KNOW that he has left a lasting impression on you and your business future. Jay encourages participant collaboration to leverage the perceived insight from different minds, so participating will take your game to a whole new level!

Here is a list of what will be covered at the event:

  • Convergent vs. Divergent Thinking (With Carlos Dias)
  • Sales Performance Enhancement (PEQ)
  • Leveraging Strategic Relationships/ Resources/ Distribution channels.

  • Creative, Nonlinear, High-Impact Strategic Marketing
  • Using Barter as a profit center (Special Guest)
  • And much, much more

This "Super Seminar" is filling already, given the limited-size attendance restrictions, so be there if you are well-suited to learn and master breakthroughs in your Marketing, Innovation, Strategy, and Management!

Executive Attendee Package ($5,000) Includes:

  • Admission to the 3-day event in person (or you can choose to have a high quality video sent to you - right after the event - instead of attending live)
  • Access to the Jay Abraham Lifetime Reference Library
    (you will receive in person when you register on a portable Hard Drive)
  • Jay’s PowerPoint to review before the event

Additional Options

(Must be added on to the Executive Attendee Package)

Day Four - Business Growth Troubleshooting Session ($4,000 additional) Includes:
Attendance to The Fourth Day “Lightning-round-type, HOT SEAT session” as a direct participant. This will be an opportunity to pose your ONE most profoundly-important business question/ issue/ challenge/ or competitive problem directly to Jay in person, and get direct access to his specialized, no-nonsense advice.

Day Four Observer (Fly-On-The-Wall Add-On $1,500) Includes:
Admission as an “Observer”, who merely wishes to watch Jays masterful mind work through the primary participants' issues.

Partner Discount:
You may bring a closely-associated guest and they will receive a 50% discount on both the Executive Attendee Package and any additional options above.

Registration closes June 7th, 2013.

If you would like to attend Reserve a spot below!


I am committed to attending the 3-Day "Super Seminar" event LIVE for $5,000.
(or you can choose to have a high quality video sent to you - right after the event - instead of attending live)

I want to attend optional Day Four also - as a primary participant, where I get to pose a specific business scenario/problem/issue directly to Jay, and receive his best, reasoned, expert advice and specific recommendations directly for my business. Please charge my credit card an additional $4,000 more.

I’d love to be a “fly-on-the-wall,” figuratively speaking, and attend optional Day Four as an observer. Please charge my credit card an additional $1,500 more for this June 21st-24th event in Los Angeles.

I will not be able to attend Day 4.


Bring your business partner:
(Note: if you would like to bring additional guests, you will have the opportunity to add them on the next page.)

I want my business partner to attend the 3-Day “Super Seminar” event with me at a 50% discount ($2,500):

Yes, my business partner will attend
No, my business partner will not be able to attend

Business Partner Day 4 Options:

I want my business partner to attend Day 4 as a “Primary participant” ($2,000).

I want my business partner to attend Day 4 as an “Observer” ($750).

My business partner will not be able to attend Day 4

Order Total:
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Terms and Conditions


You’re doing the program June 21-24th, I'm definitely there! More specifically, here is my full payment for $5,000 - immediately chargeable to my credit card; It's my absolute commitment to participate.

I understand that with this commitment, I am "in", and fully-committed to attend your once-in-this-decade, elite program in Los Angeles.

By this, I acknowledge that I am authorizing billing my credit card The $5,000 Total Basic attendance fee (plus any additional optional fees I've chosen) immediately.

Now that you've definitely decided to hold the event --and bill my credit card $5,000 -- I may NOT cancel. But I cannot cancel and NO refund is offered. No exceptions.

You are squarely dealing with the financial commitment-elements of this program, up-front -- now, because, you ONLY want people from your list signing up - who totally "get" the value you represent -- and who want access to your latest/greatest, most expansive/evolved thinking.

Also - you don't want anyone committing who needs to be sold any further on you, Jay - or who cannot comfortably afford to pay the $5,000, three-day fee, up-front.

I love the fact that you are NOT trying to attract a huge attendance, but rather -- seek merely a quality/high-level, small group gathering, of like-minded entrepreneurs who ALL, already "get" who you are, what you bring to the table --- and enthusiastically seek your perspective.

I also know that you are offering an optional fourth day, accelerated series of lightning-round-type, hotseat sessions for those attendees who'd like more customized access to your thinking.

People who want to ask a crucial question, pose a profoundly-important problem or get your best-reasoned thinking, strategizing and monster opportunity-mining specialized advice --- can attend optional Day Four for $4,000, additional. Observers who merely wish to watch your masterful mind work through the primary participants' issues can come observe (on optional Day Four) for only $1,500 a person, more.

Either way, you'll send me the entire working Power Point, so I know what to expect before I get to the three-day, live, Los Angeles event.

Plus - and I love this - If I register immediately you'll give me a digital "Lifetime Reference Library" of some of your best proprietary materials - originally valued at its retail offering at (nearly an eye-popping) $250,000. This will be available in a few weeks online for me to privately access for my personal business use only.

What I love most about this, Jay - is you are NOT trying to hard-sell or hype to anyone. Either we clearly see the value and the outrageous ROI it represents - or we don't sign up. Kudos! I see by your qualifying approach that I should only be in a room filled with the kind of collaborative minds I most want to associate with.

Finally - though I AM a loyal, trusting and totally dedicated fan of your mind, methods, and body of work - if I feel more confident talking through your content/intention/vision for the program with a colleague PRIOR to irrevocably committing myself, I am welcome to contact Rob Colasanti at his email ( and he'll get back to me immediately to address my questions.

But, I repeat, once I commit here, I am "IN" and enthusiastically, fully obligated now that you've decided to have this once-in-this-decade, unique program.

Please check this box to agree to all of the terms listed above.